Seeing as Burlington, Vermont was the closest real city to our Adirondack wedding, we tried to find the best cake place there, without looking much of anywhere else.? And the consensus from everyone we talked to and everything I saw online was – that was Mirabelle’s!? Mirabelle’s is a really great cafe that also offers an extensive wedding cake selection! We wanted a non-fondant and largely chocolate cake, that was a lot more low key and less fussy than the average wedding cake, since that didn’t seem to jive with our wedding so much. Which is to say, Mirabelle’s can create much more elaborately decorated cakes for those who are interested!

We wanted tons of chocolate so we got the two largest layers in chocolate and the smallest layer in a non-chocolate version for anyone who would prefer that. The flavors we chose were:

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake: chocolate cake filled with chocolate truffle and chocolate buttercream Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake: chocolate mousse and raspberries with layers of chocolate cake Vanilla Cake with Strawberries & Cream: butter cake filled with fresh Vermont whipped cream and strawberries

and then we had the whole thing covered in the best chocolate ganache I’,运动表彰了支教的优良志愿者以及社团活动的精良学生;ve ever had!!

They were all completely incredible and a bunch of people told us it was the best cake they’d ever had!

Alison, one of the owners, who we dealt with, was very nice but a little no-nonsense, and created our cake exactly as we wanted it (well the blue was a little paler than I wanted, but that’s because I told her I’d send her a color swatch and never did, so I can hardly blame her for that).

All in all, highly recommended!

Final review for Mirabelle’s Cafe: A+++++

And, as our cake topper, we used two Adirondack chairs from Escape Concepts, since my great-great-uncle invented them!


My only cake-related regret is that when our caterers started (nicely) putting flowers on the cake, I just told them that we already had a cake topper and had them take off the flowers on top to make room for the chairs. However, I really really did NOT want all the other flowers on the cake and every time I look at the pictures, I cringe at those hot pink flowers. But the cake itself was perfect, and it’s my own fault for not saying something to the caterers. They were just clearly doing a “nice” thing going above and beyond and?I didn’t want to seem all bitchy and bridezilla, so I let them leave them there.

Ahhh well, c’est la vie. The cake was still a great success, regardless! And the caterers packed up all the leftovers in takeout boxes,日月谷心水主论坛, so we had a bunch for our morning after brunch AND gave slices to quite a few people to take home!

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